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Chinese Cabbage

I. Characteristics:

The scientific name is Brassica Pe-Tsai L. Bailey Crop popular in Da Lat in the initial development of vegetable Dalat (1940). Similar to cabbage, cabbage is a vegetable, suitable climate and soil conditions of Da Lat and ease of cultivation should be produced in large scale (current average of 250-350 ha planted / years). Most localities have planted cabbage, but the best production areas of Thai Version - Ward 12 and the Atomic Force - Ward 8.
Cabbage are cultivated year round in Dalat, but focuses on annual crop as easy to grow, less disease and high productivity. Sowing time also depends on the breed characteristics. Like long-time sowing and planting in the garden from 100-110 days, just a short day from 80-95 days. Normally, with the same seed, if planted in the summer, in Dalat, will have shorter time to harvest crop 7-10 days. Average yield of 500-600 kg / ha.

Harvesting Calendar
Harvesting Calendar
How To Grow Sweet Potato Vines At Home

 Sweet potato plants are fast growing vines that cover the ground.

Originally they come from Central and South America, which means they area warm weather vegetable. You need a long warm season to grow good sweet potatoes.


Planting Vegetables from Seed and Seedling
Process of Growing Vegetables
The processing techniques considered in the present manual
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Harvesting Calendar
How To Grow Sweet Potato Vines At Home
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