Garden Mountain Joint Stock Company

Warranty policy

1. Conditions of return

Vien Son Company Support to return products in case of online purchase at website https://gardenmountain.com.vn/ as follows:

  • The product is damaged or broken during transportation
  • Defective product due to manufacturer defect
  • Product interface to invalid on the set menu
  • Returned products are unused, with original packaging such as stamps, stickers, boxes, barcodes
  • Products are returned with a receipt, invoice or VAT receipt (if applicable)
  • The product delivered is not in sufficient quantity according to the ordered order

In order to avoid possible unfortunate cases, please check your order carefully with the delivery staff and have the right to refuse to receive the goods if the product is not as expected of the customer and contact immediately. with Vien Son Company for the best support.

Hotline: 02633664229

2. Time to apply for return and exchange

Customers please contact Vien Son Company immediately within 48 hours of receiving the goods. We will proceed to confirm the information and guide the customer to return the product. Customers return products within 10 days from the date of receipt to the address:

The time to receive the refund is based on the receipt stamp of the delivery unit if the customer sends the goods through the shipping units.

3. Cost of returning

  • If customers are in Da Lat City: Vien Son Company supports the service of receiving and returning goods to the place for free, please contact customer service for the best support.
  • If customers are in other areas: please pay the return shipping cost in advance to the carrier. After receiving the product, if the error arises due to Vien Son Company or supplier error, Vien Son Company will refund this value to the customer.
  • For cases where the product does not meet the conditions in points 1 and 2, Vien Son Company will return the product to the customer and this shipping cost will be paid by the customer.
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