Close-up of GLOBAL GAP Garden Mountain farm, where Vietnamese agricultural products give wings

Poverty, obesity, environmental pollution, dirty food… these problems are not new and are becoming more and more complicated and serious. As a part of this planet, for nearly 20 years, we GARDEN MOUNTAIN COMPANY always carry with us the message  “QUALITY FOR BETTER LIFE”  and with   high quality agricultural products, with characteristics of the Da plateau. Our company, Vien Son, wishes to give consumers a healthier, safer and more sustainable life.

No matter how convenient and delicious the products are produced, Vien Son always prioritizes that the input materials must meet safety standards, the supply is abundant and especially the high quality. To serve this goal, we always improve and pursue a smart farm and meet international standards.

Garden Mountain Farm meets Global GAP international standards.

To achieve this certificate, the farm and the Garden Mountain company have proven that their farming complies with the standards in the Global G.A.P. Ensure that the products of Garden Mountain farm have achieved internationally recognized levels of safety and quality, and meet our agricultural farming practices as sustainable, respecting health and safety. safety and welfare of producers and the environment.

Garden Mountain Farm The supply is abundant and of high quality.

Currently, Garden Mountain owns 3 farms with a total area of 205 hectares. The farms mainly grow sweet potatoes, bell peppers, pumpkins, eggplants. Supplying thousands of tons of agricultural products annually with top quality in the country, constantly meeting the increasing demands of domestic and export markets.

Every year, Garden Mountain supplies 10,000 tons of agricultural products including Japanese Sweet Potato, Pumpkin, Bell Pepper, Eggplant. Products include fresh, frozen, ready-to-eat…. Products that meet international standards FSSC 22000, exported to Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Thailand…As well as domestic sale.

Garden Mountain Farm brings vegetables from the new highland region.

Located in Lam Dong highland, the climate and soil are favored by nature all year round. Garden Mountain Farm provides typical products of the new highlands such as sweet potatoes, bell peppers, eggplants, etc., which are delicious and nutritious.

Smart, flexible farm.

To reduce the burden of manual labor, increase crop productivity, improve quality and save management time. Garden Mountain Farm we apply  focuses on building a solid foundation for a smart farm system. Helps control the maximum effect of weather, crop loss and more effective management.

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