Modern and automatic irrigation technology

In order to prove to customers about the origin of clean and traceable products when required and take the initiative in investigating raw materials, Vien Son Joint Stock Company has decided to invest in a farm in Dak Lak. and Lam Dong with a total area of ​​230 hectares, providing 1/3 of the company’s raw material needs. Our farm is applying science and high technology to farming. We apply Israel’s mini-harvest technology in areas where pepper is difficult to harvest, helping plants to absorb enough water to use and enough water to serve a large area of ​​cultivation. Vien Son has replicated the model for farmers and achieved the desired effect.

We have applied growing bell peppers on substrates, with automatic irrigation and fertilization systems and devices that automatically control the temperature through the shading grid system and misting when the air humidity is low, ensuring heat. plant stability. Bell peppers of Vien Son Joint Stock Company are guaranteed the criteria of pesticide residues, microorganisms and quality to produce fresh frozen products to supply the fastidious Japanese market. Our bell peppers are one of the few companies that are still exporting this product to Japan today amid numerous complaints from customers and being put on a restricted list. The farm of Vien Son Joint Stock Company is also a typical model in Lam Dong province for farmers to learn.

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