Garden Mountain improves productivity by improving modern machinery

As the influence of the industrial revolution 4.0 is increasing, the requirements for the competitiveness of technology products become increasingly fierce. Aware of this, Vien Son Joint Stock Company has made a methodical investment in the machinery system to improve product quality, and at the same time reduce the difficulty and burden for employees.

Currently, the company’s equipment from cutting lines, freezing, metal detectors… has been replaced with modern equipment. Thanks to these changes, Garden Mountain’s production capacity has increased day by day. Currently, Garden Mountain can supply the market with about 10,000 tons of agricultural products including fresh and processed. Most of them are exported to fastidious markets such as Japan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia… and consumed domestically.

Vegetable washing line of Garden Mountain company

With the desire to increase the value of raw agricultural products, Garden Mountain advocates a methodical investment in steaming, boiling, frying, baking systems… With this investment, the company has brought raw agricultural products to a new level. new high. Delicious, nutritious and convenient.

The steaming system of GARDEN MOUNTAIN currently meets 1.6 tons/hour.

Support the production of steamed instant products with the same nutritional content

Instant steamed sweet potato.

One of the products is steamed according to Garden Mountain’s technology and recipe. The product is not only convenient but also sweeter than steamed potatoes by conventional methods.

To meet the increasingly diverse needs of customers, in 2017, Garden Mountain JSC invested in 2 deep frying machines with a capacity of 600kg/h. Supply about 1500 tons of fried products annually. With modern machinery, Vien Son creates high-value instant products such as honeyed sweet potato (Daigakuimo), fried eggplant, french fries… All products can be eaten immediately after heat.

Deep frying machine of Garden Mountain Son company


Fried eggplant 

In addition, with the support from the oven system with a capacity of 200kg/h. Annually, VIEN SON provides nearly 600 tons of baked products. With the support of this system, VIEN SON  has developed and exported Instant Baked Sweet Potatoes. A product that, after years of testing, has finally appeared on supermarket shelves in Japan and is very satisfied and loved by Japanese customers.

Besides increasing quality, Garden Mountain still researches and develops new products. Helping consumers experience more products that are not only nutritious but still delicious.

In 2019, GARDEN MOUNTAIN invested in a sugarcane system, in order to develop products containing external Syrup. Products used as Topping for cakes, or water.

Sugar candy system of Vien Son company



For export, Garden Mountain’s products are frozen and stored in cold storage. The product has a shelf life of up to 2 years when stored in cold storage.

Garden Mountain’s freezing system now helps products:

  1. The product has a fast cooling time
  2. Ensure the freshness and nutrition of the product is preserved
  3. Longer shelf life than traditional freezing
  4. Excellent quality, no cold burning, the product does not move in the machine
  5. The product retains its original shape
  6. Meets industrial hygiene standards


Metal detector X-ray machine

All products before packaging are detected by X-ray detector for heavy metals, in order to remove all foreign bodies and bring the safest products.

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